The Company

Speedminton GmbH was founded 2002 in Berlin, Germany and has given the world an innovative new sport: speed badminton! The simple rules make the sport attractive to recreational players and advanced athletes alike – it was conceived so that anyone could play! Whether playing competition or freestyle, indoors or out, daytime or night, this is a game without limits.

Speedminton® is the leader in developing and designing speed badminton equipment: aluminum racquets, graphite racquets, patented SpeedersTM, portable courts, and more – everything you need to play at the beach, in parks, or on the street. No nets are required! Anyone can play. Anywhere, Anytime!

In Canada, Vancouver-based m4 ideas inc. is the exclusive distributor for Speedminton® equipment, and is responsible for marketing and sales across the country. In the USA, California-based Speedminton Sporting Goods Corp. is in charge of Speedminton®.

Speedminton® – for the game that takes minutes to learn, a lifetime to master!

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“Our testers (myself included) really like the Speedminton Fun Set. It’s one of our 12 toys of summer for sure!” — Jane M, editor-in-chief, national magazine