Frequently Asked Questions

How is Speed Badminton different than traditional badminton?
Let us count the ways:

- you play without a net, significantly changing the strategy you would use in the traditional game, as you have  high-arc, waist, knee, and ankle-high shots.
- you can play indoors or outdoors, daytime or nighttime, on the land or in the lake*!
- the lightweight Speed Racquet has a much larger sweet spot and a short handle, making it much easier for novice players to be successful; much less tiring for elite athletes.
- the patented SpeederTM, designed for both outdoor and indoor speed badminton play, is shorter, heavier, and narrower than the longer, more fragile shuttlecocks used in traditional badminton
- the wind ring, when rolled over the ball of the SpeederTM, allows you to play speed badminton in winds up to  17 mph.
- success from the first hit, thanks to the introductory technique we use for kids and adults alike when they hit their first SpeederTM.
- Minutes to set-up because you play without a net and you don’t need a formal court, unless you are into competitive play. Even then, the courts are portable!
- you can play singles, doubles, or by yourself (against a wall)

- YOU DON’T HAVE TO: be athletic, belong to a club, go to a facility, only play indoors, only play at specific times of the day, only play with others to enjoy this ‘addictively fun’ game.

*If you want to play in the water, be sure to put a plastic bag over the handle and duct tape it, so the grip doesn’t get wet. The SpeedersTM float!

Did you invent it?
Wish we had! Actually, the inventor is Bill Brandes, from Berlin,  who originally launched the game under the name ‘shuttle ball’. It was subsequently changed to Speed Badminton and Speedminton GmbH was formed in Berlin in 2002 to oversee the development and manufacture of the equipment. Niels Mester is President and majority shareholder.

Is it a game or a sport?
It’s both! Recreationally, it’s played on the beach, the backyard, in a park, a parking lot, any large flat outdoor space; competitively, there are rules and an official court size. Leagues and clubs are being established across the country through Speed Badminton Canada, the official national member of the ISBO (the International Speed Badminton Association). Sign up at

Why haven’t I heard of it?
For the first few years, we focused on schools to ensure that students and teachers enjoyed it as much as we thought they would (they did!). Now Speedminton® is ‘showing its stuff’ to the public, promoting its many benefits as a fun, healthy activity that people of all ages can enjoy.

Our team members took part in the 2011 and 2013 World Speed Badminton Championships in Berlin. 40 countries were represented by nearly 500 players, and we truly felt part of the global community on behalf of all Canadians. We hope to see Canada represented again in 2015. Will you be there?

What makes the SpeederTM different than other ‘birdies’?
The patented SpeederTM is shorter, narrower, and heavier than a traditional birdie. It’s designed for outdoor play and travels far and fast because it’s based on ‘golf ball’ technology.

Are all SpeedersTM the same?
There are actually 3 kinds: Fun SpeederTM , for novice, young or other players who prefer a slower game; Match SpeederTM, the official competition SpeederTM for playing at speeds up to 290 km/h (180 mph); and the Night SpeederTM, the one with the translucent tip, glows in the dark for night play when a Speedlight is inserted.

Will the Speeders last?
Always hold the SpeederTM by the ball or in the palm of your hand. You can hold a SpeederTM at the top of the basket using the thumb and forefinger, Never crush the basket or put a SpeederTM in your pocket. Do not hit a Speeder on a bounce from the ground. And, by the way, stay in as open an area as possible as the SpeedersTM go high and fly far!

What if I need more Speeders?
Contact us and we’ll ship them to you: 604.760.2995 OR OR order online

How does your quality compare?
We can’t speak for other racquet sport equipment, but in our first 6 years of distributing Speedminton® equipment to schools, we didn’t have a single racquet returned. If you experience a problem with your equipment due to a flaw in manufacturing, we would simply send a photo of the damage to our quality control team in Germany so they can determine whether it is a flaw in the racquet or whether it caused by abuse.

Where can I buy it?
We only sell the product at trade and consumer shows, or online. The reason? You have to ‘hit it to get it’.