Easy Court Pro

The portable, official competition court for all surfaces. Zippered case contains everything you need to set up a court: Durable fluorescent-yellow ribbons form 2 squares 5.5m (18 ft.) long on each side and 12.8m(42 ft.) apart. Comes with stakes to anchor the court onto grass, playing fields, the beach, your back yard, anywhere! For blacktops, use our Markers or tape the Easy Court onto it.
Tip: Change the distance between the courts, if you prefer, or make it smaller to fit in your backyard. Then use different kinds of Speeders® for different kinds of play. That way, everyone can compete!

  • 2 fluorescent-yellow outdoor ribbons, measured to official court size, with metal rings at each corner
  • 8 stakes
  • 1 zippered carrying case