S400 Set

S400 Expert/Competition Set
In contrast to the S200 Speedminton® Set, the S400 set contains 2 Speed Racquets made of carbon composite, with stiffer frames that allow a higher string tension. A multifilament string is used. Recommended string tension: 14 kp. The Mega Power Zone (MPZ) creates a higher rebound effect in the sweet spot area. This effect is combined with the U-Profile: the special frame shape increases the ball acceleration and power by a more elastic string.
Set includes:

  • 2 S400 Speed Racquets made of carbon composite with MPZ and U-Profile
  • 1 Mix Tube of 5 Speeders® (1 Fun, 3 Match, 1 Night Speeder® plus 2 Wind Rings)
  • 4 Speedlights
  • 1 Easy Court Basic – the transportable playing field!
  • 1 black-and-white set sling bag
  • 1 Playing instructions


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