Teacher Quotes

“I love the game. We played outside for hours today – a little taste of spring-like weather here in ski-country got us all moving.” — Participant, OPHEA conference

“I purchased a 16 Set at the OPHEA Conference and am really happy with it. We use the kit from grade 7-12 and the students are hooked. It is good to use the game with our High Needs students as well. We modify the size of the area and type of Speeder.” — Mike P, School Board, ON

“I love tennis and enjoy playing most racquet sports. I am really impressed with Speedminton®. It is the easiest and most effective way to introduce children to racquet sports, it trains hand-eye coordination, footwork and improves physical condition, all while the children having fun!” — Maria Sharapova

“Tried it out last week… LOVED IT! There were about 5 of us playing and we were just going to try it out before our badminton night and ended up playing for about two hours. Thanks!” — Casey B, Recreation Program Assistant, BC

“I am ecstatic to have Speedminton® in our programs curriculum. It can be played anywhere, is successful for all of our students, and is a great value” — Dennis G, Middle School Teacher, San Diego, CA

“Speedminton® is a great new product that every physical education program, elementary to high school should consider. The racquets are much more durable and easier to use than badminton racquets. The game is easy to set up and fun to play on any surface without the need of a net.” — Dennis S, P.E. Teachers educator, CA

“Speedminton® is a fast and high energy game that is easy to learn. It gets students moving for the entire class and can be used in conjunction with tennis and badminton, and no net lets you play just about anywhere.” — Eric T, P.E. Teacher, CA

“I love the game. It is quick, fun and flexible. It does not need the gym facilities for success. Also, I love that it is a new family game to be introduced at family get togethers. Anything is better than television and computers.” — Cammie G, P.E. Teacher, CA

“Speedminton® is quick to set up and can be taken along in the back of the car. There are no net and poles to set up just outline border markers. It´s truly a fun game that you can get addicted to very quickly.” — Lisa K, P.E. Teacher, CA

“Speedminton® will be an outstanding edition to any P.E. program. Besides giving each student the chance to develop there hand-eye coordination, this game allows you the opportunity to be outside and not need a large gym in order to get all of your students to be involved.” — Steve B, P.E. Teacher, CA

“I like the glowing birdies and I like the different speeds of each kind. I also like the courts without nets because you can play anywhere.” — Dave S, P.E. Teacher, CA

“Playing reminded me of being a kid again! There was something about playing in the dark with a silly little glow stick that made for a thrilling evening!” — Kanoa E, P.E. Teacher, CA

“I chose Speedminton for its versatility and will include it as a racquet sport lesson in physical education, an intramural activity, and classroom teachers will have the kit made available to Grade 5-8 students with the chance to play during the lunch hours, and as a modified learning unit for Grades 2-4 during physical education class.” — Laurie T, Teacher, MB